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Any person who is in sympathy with the purposes and objectives of the association may become a member.

Dues: $10 per year
Membership Form

Payable in January and effective January 2nd. Any new members joining the association after September 1st and paying full dues will be considered paid in full for the following year.

Members receive a monthly newsletter (MAR through DEC). Newsletter can be mailed or e-mailed , as you prefer (except for NOV, which is primarily banquet-related and thus distributed to those present at the banquet). Note that newsletters are not distributed in January or February.

If you are currently a member of 2 Cs and a Bee and wish to have your newsletter emailed, please contact Helen Evans as below

To become a member contact the secretary/treasurer:
Helen Evans
Box 545, 340 Fenchak Road
Colver, PA 15927
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