About 2 Cs and a Bee

The 2 Cs and a Bee Association was founded in 1987 to unite the beekeepers of Cambria, Clearfield, and Blair counties. It includes beginners and longtime beekeepers, hobbyists, sideliners, and commercial operators, and now has members from other surrounding counties. It is possible for a beginner to find an experienced member living in their area willing to help in the first stages of beekeeping.

The objectives of the association being: the advancement and improvement of the beekeeping industry and the state inspection system; eradication of disease in all apiaries; the dissemination of information to the members and to the public regarding the value of the honeybee as a pollinating agent and the value of honey as a food.

Our meetings are held monthly March to December, including a picnic in the summer, an annual banquet with elections in November and a Christmas Social in December. We welcome visitors to all our meetings. Meetings include some aspect of beekeeping, often with practical demonstrations. We also have a display unit we use in local farm shows and county fairs to promote the honeybee.

Membership is open to anyone interested in bees or beekeeping.